Farewell BBC

Today was my last day as an employee of the British Broadcasting Corporation

I started working there on the 24th January 2011 and for 2 years 2 months and 1 week I worked with the team that at the time was responsible for most of the client side framework at the BBC. There were personnel changes along the way, but it was always one of the most talented teams I’ve worked on, and where I feel I’ve done some of my best development work to date.

After that I was given the fantastic opportunity to join the Accessibility team for a 1 year attachment. That year has turned in to 2 years and 3 months, and a new career working in the field of accessibility full time. For that I must give thanks to Gareth Ford Williams and Henny Swan who gave me a chance.

I may be leaving but I’m still proud of the BBC.


I am proud to be able to say that from tomorrow, 24th January 2011, I will be an employee of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

I will be working as a web developer on the Frameworks team, part of the Future Media and Technology Group. The BBC have long been on the list of organizations I wanted to work for (a list that included Yahoo! incidentally) so I am very excited about this new job.

I’ll be on the same team as one former colleague from the Yahoo! Front Doors team, Andrew ‘Bob’ Brockhust, and will hopefully get to work with other former Yahoo!s Neil Crosby, David Dorward and Mike Whitaker, who have also joined the BBC over the last few years. I’m also looking forward to meeting many more smart and talented people, and to having the opportunity to develop some great things with them.