New Year (2021)

Well… that was a year to remember.

Or at least bits of it were. For many it will be looked back on in sadness for those who have been lost, often unnecessarily. For those of who have been more fortunate it was a year of wasted opportunities.

I have been one of the fortunate. I have not been ill, nor has anyone in my immediate family. I have friends and relatives who have suffered with COVID-19 but as far as I know all have recovered or are recovering. There is still a long way to go, however, and I will not be complacent.

Work-wise, the company that I co-own, TetraLogical, has gone from strength to strength. We started the year as two people and have ended it as six. This is beyond my wildest expectations and we go into 2021 feeling good about the year to come.

My biggest achievement in 2019 was my lifestyle correction and I’m pleased to say that I’ve maintained this through 2020. At the start of the year I was training five days a week and I’ve increased that to six days with a slightly different split. A few days before the first UK lockdown I achieved a deadlift personal best of 155kg and I’ve since set a bench press personal best of 100kg. I’ve consistently weighed around 90kg for most of the year and although I didn’t achieve the body fat percentage that I was hoping for I’m feeling fit and healthy. This year I’ve set myself goals of a 200kg deadlift and a 125kg bench press. I’m not sure how close I’ll get to this, but I’ve got a shot providing I can get back to a fully equipped gym sometime. I’m going to try again to reduce my body fat percentage and to do that I’m going to need to do a lot more cardio. That’s a big ask in miserable weather (it’s either too hot or too cold for me here!) but as vaccines are rolled out and it’s safe to get back in to the gym I won’t have any excuses.

There’s more I could add to this but I’m going to keep things simple for today. Maybe I’ll write more another day. Probably not, though…

I don’t know how realistic it is to wish anyone a happy new year for 2021, but I will at least hope for a better year for everyone.

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