New Year (2020)

It’s the time of year for my annual blog post – except this year I will be writing two, yes two, posts on one day!

It’s been quite a year for everyone so I’m not going to talk about how awful the national and global political situations are or any other minor problems in my life. Instead I’ll try to be positive.

Professionally there have been big changes. I’m now co-owner and co-director of TetraLogical, a small company focused on inclusive design and accessibility. It’s exciting and terrifying in equal measure!

I started the year by giving myself time to spend one day a month reading a book from cover to cover. This lasted for five months and was always a little moment of peace. I started to find this more and more difficult, and even found it stressful to fit this is. Sometimes what starts as a pleasure can become a burden when it is adopted too rigidly, so while I’d like to get back in to this habit I will be less strict about when it happens – if I skip a month, so be it.

I also find that I’m giving too much of my money for books to companies that, frankly, don’t need it and arguably don’t deserve it. In 2020 I aim to buy and read at least one book per month (on average) from an independent bricks and mortar bookshop.

I haven’t been traveling much over the last twelve months, but the locations I visited have been new for me. Speaking opportunities at Funka Accessibility Days and CSS-Minsk-JS added Stockholm, Sweden and Minsk, Belarus to the list of countries and cities I’ve been to. I’m already planning at least one and possibly two trips to Stockholm in 2020.

Anyone who has known me well for a while or has read a few of these yearly posts might know about my ongoing struggle with my weight. In that I have some rather good news and I’ve decided to write about my lifestyle correction separately.

And with that I’ll close by wishing everyone a good 2020. Things might look quite bleak right now but I’m trying to hope for the best.

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