New Year (2014)

2013 has been a year of extremes, a year of gain and loss, but ultimately as bad a year as it could be.

While it is a year I’d like to put behind me, it will do no good not to recognise the better parts of 2013, and to look forward in hope of a better 2014, so a few positives first.

In January after a search of several years I finally became the owner (albeit with a mortgage to pay off) of my own home, a flat in North London. I’ve got plans for redecoration and changes, but so far I’ve managed to do nothing. Although the decor is not entirely to my taste it is clean and tidy, and it’s surprising how quickly you can get used to something, which does nothing to motivate me to get to work.

In April came the birth of my nephew, with whom my Dad and I now share William as a middle name.

Also in April I changed my role at the BBC to Accessibility Specialist. I’ve enjoyed my time to date, although sometimes I feel that I can’t get enough done. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in again next week.

In November 2012 I started learning to play violin. I’m not a natural musician and I find it quite difficult but very enjoyable and relaxing. In November I took the ABRSM Grade 1 exam and just about got a distinction pass score. This has motivated me to practice harder and hopefully get better faster.

As usual I wanted to lose weight over the last 12 months. After putting on weight during the first half of the year leading to a high point in July, I have subsequently lost weight and today I’m 5.7kg (12.5lbs) lighter than on the 1st January 2013 and the lightest I’ve been for years. I know weight is not necessarily the best measure of progress but I’m also feeling healthier and fitter with it. Next year hopefully I can continue with the current downward trend and plan to work on improving my activity level on top of the improvements to diet that I made last year.

Now the negative. The painful, life-changing negative.

In the first hour of Monday 2nd December 2013 my Dad passed away. He had been ill and in hospital for some time, but nothing prepared us for this. My Mum, sister, and I were able to spend his last hours with him and tell him how much we loved him, until he fell asleep and peacefully left us.

I miss him every day.

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